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Best Car Insurance For November

Best Car Insurance For November – Car insurance provides a financial safety net in the event of an accident that causes costly damage or injury to those involved. With the important financial role that car insurance plays, it is important to shop around to find the best car insurance company, price and service for your needs.

Tracks the auto insurance market to ensure airline selection based on the most important factors for consumers, our team of insurance experts has reported. Our choices for the best U.S. auto insurers are determined by evaluating average annuities, customer satisfaction scores, financial strength assessments and digital resources.

Best car insurance companies in November

To provide an easy-to-use shopping and comparison tool for consumers, we calculated the bank’s score of a total of 5.0 points. The higher the company’s points, the more competitive the company ranks in each category. Our picks highlight car insurance companies that:

  1. Earn bank rate points of 4.0 or higher
  2. Get J.D. Energy Claims Learn Customer Satisfaction Scores within 20 points of industry average or higher
  3. Bring “excellent” or “superior” financial strength ratings from AM’s best
  4. Strong digital presence with consumer-friendly mobile apps or digital policy management features
  5. Considered “best” in certain market categories


With highest points for car insurance companies analyzed, the availability of the army’s national active-duty, veterans and their families, as well as first-class customer service, USAA easily has our list of the best car insurance companies for November 2021.

Available only to current or former military personnel and their families, USAA is the top scorer in the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey, has the perfect financial strength as it has been rated by AM Best, S&P and Moody, and still manages to provide some of the lowest car insurance quotes in the industry.

USAA receives the highest scores from all major third-party customer service agencies and financial strength. Besides having the lowest average full coverage premium on our list, military families and veterans are familiar with some coverage options, gifts and discounts, including unique circumstances such as the deployment of active duty personnel. While not all drivers may be eligible for coverage from USAA, the company stands out for millions of military families across the country.

State Farm

As the largest national car insurance company in terms of market share, the arrival of Farm State and its reputation are easily appropriate for being one of the best car insurance companies for drivers in any state. Its extensive network of local agents offers the first approach to its customers to provide consumers with a wide range of personal and commercial insurance products.

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The state farm has the highest points among operators available nationwide for all drivers. The company offers more than 19,000 licensed insurance professionals, available in communities across the United States, who can provide guidance to those who appreciate expert vision when discussing their policies. Digital management options allow for an on-the-go approach, including highly rated mobile apps where you can file automatic claims and connect to your phone.


Clerkover’s car insurance-based technology is reinventing the insurance landscape, making it a clear competitor to any driver looking for the best modern car insurance experience. Insurtech’s digital approach allows the sale of policies at very affordable prices.

Although currently only available to drivers in 16 states, Clerkover disrupts the auto insurance market by putting technology in the spotlight. Operators use digital ai-based tools to their advantage, renewing how car insurance is mentioned, purchased and serviced. Clearcover’s highly rated mobile app puts policy management control directly in users’ hands. Clearcover’s effective approach allows most car claims to be paid in less than a week, with some even eligible for same-day processing.


Geico’s long history as a reliable household name car insurance company is reflected in the bank’s high class, which is one of the reasons why listed it as a higher trusted car insurance company. Coverage is available to almost all types of drivers, making auto insurance accessible to consumers with defects in car records.

Geico is one of the few top car insurers that will write documents for drivers even after high-risk accidents, such as DUI convictions. While high-risk policies will remain more expensive than standard coverage, high-risk drivers usually face the challenge of finding options for coverage, particularly from large insurance companies.

Geico is an accessible option for most people. Drivers with poor credit-based insurance scores also tend to find more favorable rates for insurance companies, with average full coverage in these credit rates of $1,978 per year, compared with the national average of $3,873 per year for those with poor credit status.


Travelers is a trusted insurance company with more than 150 years in the automotive insurance industry. Its strong network of independent agents, strong savings opportunities and proven financial record make it a valuable choice for drivers across the country.

The average full traveler car insurance rate coverage comes in at $349 cheaper than the national average. The company’s various car insurance discounts include quotes for convergence group members, fixed payments, and an exclusive, use-based insurance program called IntelliDrive, which tracks your driving in real time and provides discounts for safe practices. Passenger satisfaction with a claim is not particularly rated by customers compared to other companies analyzed, which may be worth considering when comparing low-cost coverage to the likelihood of a claim.

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We included Erie on our list because this super regional insurance company was generous with “optional” coverage in its policies and competitive scores across all third-party agencies reviewed in our research. Erie also offers discount benefits and competitive prices to young drivers who usually see the highest rates of all age groups for drivers.

Drivers ages 16 to 18 saw average prices more than 43% lower than the national average, according to our annual premium study. The high class of Erie contributes to our list of the best car insurance companies for 2021, although coverage is not available nationwide.

Erie automatically includes certain types of coverage and features in a full coverage policy offered only by many competitors as an optional addition. Drivers can take advantage of rideshare insurance, accident forgiveness, and Erie’s price lock feature, which can help keep your premiums consistent over time. Although the company is only available in 12 states, it provides strong coverage and strong claims experience for drivers in its service areas.


Car owners is another super regional operator with a strong reputation for providing excellent car coverage and getting the second highest level of JD claiming the satisfaction of any company on our list of the best car insurance companies. A wide range of coverage and discounts are available to drivers in 26 states.

Car owners offer a great list of 12 discounts, which many drivers may receive. Drivers can save by getting offers towards the end of their current policy, or by choosing billing and paperless payment options. The company offers three types of student discounts, making it a great choice for teenage parents or young drivers who have their own policies to consider.


Amica’s outstanding claims service and customer-focused business model make it a prominent choice, based on analysis, for drivers looking for the best car insurance company.

Amica ranked second as the second highest-ranking airline by satisfaction with gains from the largest car insurers surveyed by JD Power, gaining 32 points above the industry average. The company’s online claims center allows customers to easily report claims, download supporting documents and track the claims process with a few simple clicks. Their customer representatives are available to support policyholders 24 days a week, 7 days a week.

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National Wide’s choice to adapt coverage based on personal needs has strengthened its position as the top car insurance company for 2021, according to Research. With national availability and sites full of useful insurance information, customers are likely to find the answers they need to tailor national policies to their exact needs.

Drivers can choose how their policies work with Nationalwide, with the option of choosing between standard coverage, use-based insurance and pay-per-mile. SmartRide and SmartMiles telecommunications programs can help you get discounts based on safe driving habits or offer flexible premiums based on your car’s use, respectively. Optional coverage is not as much as some other car insurance companies on our list, but personal options provide valuable control over your financial protection.


Progressive practical price tools and positive customer satisfaction help you secure them as one of our best car insurance options. Consumers can find the option of saving based on their own budget and leadership habits with progressive policies anywhere in the United States, supported by financially strong companies that get high ratings from third-party agencies.

Progressive offers several ways for drivers to save time and money by managing their online policies, such as its Snapshot app, a remote communications software that monitors driving and offers discounts on safe driving. Even when you first select the right policy for you, you can use the Online Price Name tool to customize your purchase experience and review coverage options based on your budget. The Progressive Mobile app provides immediate access to audit coverage, identity cards, bill payments and claims.


As the fourth largest insurance company by market share, Allstate has a long list of valuable coverage options that make it a prominent choice for many drivers, but especially for those with unique vehicles. The Allstate Rewards program adds additional benefits, allowing drivers to earn points to hotels, gift cards and other great perks.

Allstate is one of the few insurance companies that provide coverage for specialized equipment. The company’s full coverage policy averages are higher than other airlines on list, but drivers who have invested money to modify their cars with the best sound equipment likely need wider coverage, provided by Allstate. Classic and antique car collectors can choose allstate classic car insurance so that the intrinsic value of the car is taken into account in the event of costly damage.