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What is Direct Term Life Insurance?

What is Direct Term Life Insurance – When you wake up in the morning, I’m sure the last thing you want to think about is “When am I going to hear from my insurance agent.” But you know, There are ways to cover directly with a life insurance company without an agent and at your pace; some companies do not even offer a medical examination the term life insurance.

Today, I’ll give you a more up-to-date definition of what live life insurance words mean, how you can get a life insurance quote, and how you can go directly without the need for an agent.

What is direct life insurance?

Live term life insurance seems to have several different definitions online; However, I think my definition is more accurate for meaning and more modern.

What is the term life insurance

In essence, life-term insurance is protection from losses for a certain period of time. The periods range from 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years. There are different types of ferry policies such as rate, rate, increase and decrease. These products are the most affordable and will provide you with the most profitable coverage.

This is really the simplest information you can get about life-term insurance. You can check out our lead guide for more information on things like how long-term life insurance is, or how long-term life insurance works.

What is the definition of direct life insurance

Direct life insurance is basically a type of long-term life insurance product that is provided online where consumers can contact insurance companies directly. You can do every step of the life insurance purchase without dealing with an agent, and you can go at your own pace.

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Why choose a live life insurance company

Going straight with an insurance company can be a great thing. Some of the benefits of going directly include:

  • You can avoid dealing with insurance agents.
  • Possibility of applying for insurance at your own pace.
  • Send updates about your policy status immediately.

Get an account to make policy changes or print forms

If the speed of the application process and quick approval are important to you, getting life insurance directly with the insurance company will be the best decision you can make.

Best Live Insurance Companies

Below is a list of the best short-term life insurance companies. These companies are mostly new to the industry and create new space for the industry.

Haven Life

It was one of the first insurance companies to offer a more modern version of the direct-term life insurance policy. Haven Life has coined the term real price. Real rates give you the ability to apply for subscription approval before you have to pay. This is unique in that most insurance companies require payment information before getting your real price. I think Haven Live is something with this new concept of buying insurance. Feel free to read our sanctuary review.

Ladder Life

Ladder Life is a newcomer to the live life insurance industry and has come up with a unique concept of how to use life insurance. They believe in covering stairs up and down depending on your specific situation and needs. It’s a strong concept of how to manage your life insurance payments based on current life events and I’m sure they will soon follow. You should check our stair review.

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Fabric Life

Fabric Life is one of the latest entries in the world of living life insurance. They provide only accidental death products as well as full-term life insurance products. They provide accidental death policies to keep you in the mentality of having special coverage when you are young. Then you can upgrade to a full term life insurance policy. We’ve even written a good Cain review.


Bestow is the second most recent entry in direct life insurance. They only provide a true no life insurance product exam on the market. Create an internal subscription technology that allows subscription and approval as soon as 5 minutes. We have very good reviews of offers.


Ethos is the latest entry in live life insurance. They save up to $10 million in online life insurance. It is one of the few companies offering return premium life insurance products and up to $1 million without a life insurance exam. It’s free to read our spirit reviews.