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decorating the empty spaces in your bathroom

Decorating the Empty Spaces in your Bathroom with Accessories

Decorating the Empty Spaces in your Bathroom with Accessories – Do you have extra space in your bathroom and there is nothing to put in it? Fill it up by fixing the old straight rear seats you have in the shed. It is easy to decorate an old chair and make it become the talk of time. Bring an old chair or bench you have in the warehouse; Go to a thresy store, a goodwill store, or even a yard sale. Sometimes you can buy an old chair at a very cheap price.

People always place their old kitchen chairs on the side of the road, stop and ask if they can have them; They will probably give it to you, not the garbage man.

Decorating the Empty Spaces in your Bathroom

How to choose your pattern?

Decide first which decorations and colors you will use. Be sure to accept what you already have there. If you have a bird, you can put a bird house in your chair. Be creative and think about it before starting your new project. People will notice it every time they go to the bathroom.

In addition to requesting an empty space, you can use it at the same time to wear your socks. Outside of the bathroom or bathtub, chairs are especially useful for sitting while wearing your shoes or even while drying your feet. Decorating is easy and fun and you will be proud of what you have achieved.

When repeating a chair or bench, you should first need a theme, decide on a color, and then get to work.

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How to remove paint?

All that old paint or varnish needs to be removed. You can find paint and varnish in most stores where paint is sold. After all, after the old paint is removed, the sand falls to soften the cut and scratches.

The paint on the chair itself should be enameled so that moisture can be easily removed. Paint your chair; Be sure to use a small amount on the brush to prevent it from running and scratching the paint when drying. Let it dry for a few days before doing anything else for it.

How to choose additional bathroom accessories for your chair:

You can buy templates; Rubber stamps or even drawings where you want to put flowers or etc on them. Using ceramic paint in the color or color of your choice puts your design on it. Make it simple but colorful and be creative. You can buy ceramic paint and brushes to use at any department store that sells craft supplies. When choosing your color, make sure the shades blend in with what you already have on the wall.

When your chair or bench is finished, step back and see what you’ve accomplished. You’ll be amazed at how creative you are and it’s also fun.

Do you like to read to relax in the bathtub? Is there an empty place next to the chair to sit the basket on the floor and put some magazines on it? Some people like to read when they go to the bathroom. A small basket will keep your reading materials well, all in one place so you don’t run or get wet when you get out of the tub or shower.

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If you are not a reader, but want to add a little more to your bathroom, place a small stand next to it, if there is a shelf at the bottom place some fancy towels on it, take a matching cloth and make an artificial plant to place on it.

Making pots is easy. Take a fancy pot or paint one and use one of the stamps you use on the chair and stamp on it. Next, you roll up each wipe as if you were putting a napkin on the dining table. Place a rolled wipe at the end around the pot and place artificial flowers in it.

Now you have a stand that you can use for towels and cloths on special occasions. You might be able to put those magazines in a corner, now you have your magazine racks and towels where people can see but not touch.

Remember not to exaggerate. Make it simple and creative.