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Important, Before You Buy Car Insurance Online

Important, Before You Buy Car Insurance Online – Car insurance is mandatory for cars and we buy it very casually. We only see the lowest insurance premiums when buying insurance. Accident coverage, claim settlement ratio, cost of damage, etc. are other important factors that can be taken care of when purchasing car insurance online. Car insurance or car insurance is coverage to protect losses or damage to the car due to accidents. It also covers the lives and property of others as a result of the incident.

Car or vehicle insurance is mandatory under the Automobile Act 1988. Cars can damage other people’s property during an accident. This can cause damage to the lives or body injuries of others as well. This liability must be covered by the insurance company.

Some Things to Consider Before You Buy Car Insurance Online

Third-party insurance for all vehicles on roads and vehicles operating on the road without insurance must be illegal. And some things you should know before buying car insurance online:

Bumper to bumper insurance:

Bumper for bumper policy means insurance covers everything between front and rear bumpers. It can also be called zero depreciation policy. If you want to know the zero depreciation policy, keep reading the article.

Insured declared value (IDV):

The declared insured value of the vehicle is the maximum guaranteed amount of the policy that is repaired during the purchase of the car insurance online. The value is fixed by the insurance company. You will be paid this amount when the car is completely damaged or stolen.

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Third-party insurance:

Third-party insurance means that the other parties participating in the insurance contract. Here the parties are the insurance company and the insured. The policy does not cover the insured but covers the legal liability of the insured due to the loss of a third party.

Mandatory discounts:

When you claim compensation for damage to your car, you have to incur part of the expenses while repairing the car called mandatory discounts. This is to identify real claims as well as to discourage simple claims. This ranges from $1,000 to $2,500 overall. This is very similar to co-payment in a health insurance policy.

Voluntary increase:

When you buy car insurance online and take the option of mandatory discounts, you are eligible for a discount on your damage premium. Let’s say there is a claim for $20,000 and the mandatory discount is $2,000 so the insurance company will pay $18,000 to claim. Now, if you choose a voluntary discount of $5,000, the insurance company must pay only $15,000. By choosing this voluntary discount, you can get the discount on your damage premium. This discount can be up to $2,500.

6 Important Points to Remember

There are different factors you should know before updating or purchasing car insurance online. People don’t pay much attention when buying a new car because dealers do everything for customers. But when it’s time for renewal, we’re looking for low-cost policies without analysing the exact benefits.

Comprehensive car policy:

Third-party liability coverage is mandatory under car laws. If you buy car insurance online with only third-party coverage, it cannot pay for car damage. The car can be damaged for a variety of reasons on the road such as collisions with other cars and small and minor accidents on the road.

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You don’t have to pay out of your pocket to repair car damage if you have a comprehensive policy for the car. It can also cover damage caused by fires, explosions, riots, earthquakes, terrorist activities, etc.


The main features of car insurance are to cover car damage and damage to third parties. Some additional benefits could also be considered for additional benefits. One of these additional benefits is zero depreciation coverage. You will get the full cost of repairing car damage if you have a zero depreciation policy.

At the time of the claim, the insurance company calculates the worn-out value of the vehicle to calculate the amount to be paid. If you don’t have a zero depreciation policy, you’ll have to pay the differential amount. Of course, insurance premiums are high for zero depreciation policies. However, cars with consumption rates must take a zero consumption policy where you have to pay less to the garage for repair costs.

Also remember about hydrostatic covers that cover the risk of damage caused by logging. One of my friend’s cars was completely damaged by a pond in chennai flood last year. This type of insurance can save you from financial losses.

Non-cash facilities:

Check the garage menu where you will get non-cash facilities when repairing the car. If you have a personal choice of garage where the process is smooth and the work will be easy to do, you can make sure that the garage is on the insurance company’s network garage list.

There is no claim bonus:

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If you do not claim insurance for a full year, no claim bonus will be added to the declared value of the car insurance online. This is about 5-10% of the total declared value of insurance. The maximum accumulation without bonus claim is a maximum of 50% of the total value.


Mobile car insurance policies mean that you can easily switch to another insurance company where the benefits will continue. When changing insurance companies, you should check the current benefits and appropriate immigration to new insurance policies.

Easy claims procedures:

The most important point at the insurance company is the easy claims procedures that you can easily claim without too much trouble. Check out online feedback and get feedback from friends and relatives about their car insurance claims.

The best way to buy a car insurance online policy is to compare first and then buy. When comparing insurance policies, you will recognize interest and premiums in one place. You can easily check and fix policies that give you maximum value and less. You can take help from online insurance pools such as Policybazar, Bankbazar, Coverfox etc.