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The Best Car Insurance In Michigan

The Best Car Insurance In Michigan – When it comes to car insurance, Michigan has some of the most expensive rates in the country. The good news is that recent changes in state laws have lowered fares for many drivers. However, it’s worth comparing offers from some of the best providers to find the cheapest car insurance in Michigan.

We’ve ranked the best car insurance companies in the industry for helping drivers find affordable coverage, and we’ll cover the top five recommendations for a car insurance company in Michigan here.

5 Best Car insurance in Michigan


Progressive, Michigan’s largest car insurance company, is known for having some of the cheapest rates. It offers a variety of insurance discounts, including a usage-based program called Snapshot®, and many drivers find coverage affordable, including high-risk drivers. If you had a ticket, car accident, or DUI on your recent driving record, this car insurance in Michigan is one of the best options on the market.

In addition to standard coverage, policyholders can get extras like Asset Protection Assurance (GAP) insurance, trip share coverage, pet insurance, specialized parts coverage, and more. Progressive has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and an A+ Financial Strength Rating from AM Best, which means it works hard to resolve customer complaints and has a superior ability to push claims. Progressive insurance reviews from BBB clients give the company a rating of 1.11 out of 5 stars.

Our cost data shows that Progressive offers some of the lowest fares in Michigan for drivers of all types (especially young, high-risk drivers).


USAA can be a smart choice for military personnel, veterans, and military families. If you qualify for coverage, you may find cheaper rates with USAA than anywhere else. Car insurance companies consistently excel in industry surveys for customer satisfaction and pricing. He scored a total of 890 points out of 1,000 on JD. Power 2020 US Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, which means there is a reliable claims process in place.

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USAA has over 10 car insurance discounts in Michigan, including safe drivers, good students, new vehicles, and military installation discounts. The average US car insurance in Michigan is low and comparable to the best rates Progressive has to offer.

Drivers can find standard coverage options from this provider, plus rent reimbursement, accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, and more. USAA has a BBB rating and a financial strength rating of A++ from AM Best.

Auto-Owners Insurance

Car Owners Insurance has been located in Lansing, Michigan, since 1916. Associate J.D. The 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study ranks the company fourth for the North Central region, which includes Michigan. This study evaluates companies based on claims, price, coverage, and more. Auto-Owners is also the third-cheapest provider across most categories according to Michigan estimated pricing data.

Auto-owners insurance is rated A+ by BBB with accreditation, and has a financial strength rating of A++ by AM Best. Drivers can get standard coverage as well as GAP insurance, low-value coverage, cell phone replacement, and more. In addition, many people find cheap car insurance in Michigan rates with car owners.

Frankenmuth Insurance

Frankenmuth Insurance is a small company that sells auto, home, life, and other insurance products in Michigan and Ohio, and its Patriot Insurance affiliate operates in several other states. Frankenmuth’s history dates back to 1868. Today it manages more than 325,000 insurance policies.

Frankenmuth Insurance offers standard auto coverage in addition to towing, 24/7 roadside assistance, and rental car coverage. Drivers can also get assembly car insurance and insurance for non-standard vehicles through Frankenmuth.

In Michigan, insurance companies are known for offering low rates and friendly service. It has an A+ rating with BBB accreditation. Frankenmuth runs its service system through a network of independent agents. If you are looking for local car insurance in Michigan with a human touch, this is a good choice.

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State Farm

State Farm is another affordable car insurance in Michigan. The company was founded in 1922 and is currently the second-largest auto insurance company in the state of Michigan. Customer reviews on Google give the provider a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. State Farm also received an A+ rating from AM Best. There are many additional coverage options for policyholders including trip share coverage, travel disruption compensation, car rental coverage, and roadside assistance.

State Farm performed better than average in the JD Power Claims Satisfaction Study. In addition to the strong claims, this auto insurance company is known for its great rates for students. Students under the age of 25 can get discounts of up to 25% based on their grades, the largest student discount from a leading provider. Young drivers under the age of 25 can also get up to 20% off for completing the Steer Clear® Driving Educational Program.

Michigan car insurance requirements

The state requires drivers to carry car insurance in Michigan to pay for injuries and damages they cause in an accident. Every state is different, and Michigan’s laws are complex.

Michigan is a country without blemishes. This means that your PIP coverage pays your medical bills no matter who is at fault. As mentioned above, former drivers are required to get unlimited PIP coverage. This means that the policy will pay for medical benefits for life in the event of a serious injury, and there are no very large medical costs.

Now, the driver has several options for PIP coverage:

  • Unlimited PIP coverage for every person and every accident.
  • Up to $500,000 per person/incident.
  • Up to $250,000 per person/incident.
  • Up to $50,000 per person/incident.
  • Withdrawal (only if health insurance covers accident-related injuries).
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With this new option, Michigan requires insurance companies to lower the average PIP premium based on the amount of coverage selected. For example, an unlimited PIP plan will cost you 10% less on average, and a $50,000 PIP plan will cost you 45% less on average. However, individual drivers may see different levels of discounts.

Michigan also requires personal property insurance (PPI). It pays for the damage you do to other people’s property, including cars, fences, garage doors, and more. Payout up to $1 million.

Finally, Michigan requires some type of liability insurance. Although PIP coverage applies to medical bills, people can still sue each other for damages, which is where liability insurance comes in. Here are the types of liability insurance and the minimum coverage required for car insurance in Michigan :

  • Remaining bodily injury liability for each person: Minimum of $50,000.
  • Residual bodily injury liability per accident: Minimum $100,000.
  • Liability for property damage: Minimum $10,000.
  • Car insurance in Michigan is required to automatically offer bodily injury limits of $250,000 and $500,000, but drivers can choose different limits up to the aforementioned minimums.

How to get car insurance

Progressive is generally the cheapest car insurance option in Michigan and is our top pick. USAA, Car Owners Insurance, Frankenmuth Insurance, and State Farm are also great options.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the cost of Car insurance in Michigan depends on your situation and how the company considers various factors. To find the best deal, compare several offers from different providers.